Rudolf Parma, ERYT 200 / RYT 500

Rudolf Parma is a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) 200 (RYT) 500 with Yoga Alliance and is currently working towards completing 300Hr with Yogamaze. He has taught yoga mostly in private settings. He is quite choosy of what and how he teaches Yoga. He is caring, meticulous and thoughtful in teaching a class.

Rudolf’s thought is aligned with the dream that our Yoga Studio has: pro-viding access to yoga to everybody. Here is hi thought.“Beginnings lay crucial foundations that will shape further growth. This is very true in Yoga Asanas.

Yoga poses done forcefully to achieve a shape, can lead to stress, inefficiency and even injuries. While proper awareness of alignments and the aims of the pose will make even the hardest pose comfortable enjoyable, as well as beneficial.

That is what I try to cultivate in the practice I do and teach: An understanding to respect our own pace of growth and ability to stay joyful in difficult circumstances.

At Gudang Gudang Yoga & Art Studio, Rudolf teaches Private for Raw Beginners, please get your schedule arranged as he is on high demand.

Rudolf is also available as a sub teacher.



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