Rina Almanda

Rina Almanda is a graduate from Yogamaze/LearnYoga@GG RYS200 in June 2015, She was also a group leader and prior to becoming GG Faculty, RIna led the games part of Red & White Yoga activities for August 17, 2015 special event at GG and assistant at AXA Mandiri 'Ayo Sehat Indonesia' by GG Faculty in Bali.


Rina discovered yoga when recovering from a kee injury from a marathon race. Experiencing yoga as something challenged her physically and gave her a sense of peace, she got hooked with Yoga and went on studying it more.
Yoga inspired her to live each moment joyfully and mindfully. Rina has taught two public classes at Gudang Gudang to cover Anjasmara's Basic +++ and Deera Dewi's YoGampang last week. She will embark the launch of YogaFit classes at Gudang-Gudang, inviting runners, athletes or gym lovers.


Rina will teach every Saturday 9am in her class Yoga For Runners. In addition to that she is also a trusted cover teachers at the studio.


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