Arif Sentosa

Arif Sentosa – known affectionately by his students as Mas Arif has been teaching since 1997. Mas Arif has explored diversed styles of yoga from Gita in Australia, Universal Yoga, Radiantly Alive which accumulated him 800 hours of Teachers Training. His ever quest to continusly learning brought him to complete Jivamukti 300Hr YTT in India, in February 2015.

Mas Arif began teaching public classes in 1998. He finally decided to stop working full-time in 2010 and became a full time yoga teacher following what he loves most – to teach, share and learn yoga.

When asked who is his teacher or his yoga lineage, humbly Mas Arif shared that he sees himself as a traveller in the path of Yoga. To him, his best teachers are his students and also his clients (he is also a master in body works!).

Mas Arif pilgrimage to Hilamaya in 2014 brought him a deep realization as he described in a beautiful way: “I lost myself, I felt I don’t exist and yet I exist among everyone. All in one, One in All.

The Himalayas is auspicious, magnificent, and it is simply is. It is so big that I was absorbed by its magnificent and become nothing.”

His deep thought inspires him to choose the name of NOWhere (which can be read as No where as well).

NOWhere is about time and space which rule our physical existence. Be HERE in the space and be NOW in the TIME.

Mas Arif teaches Jivamukti class 2x a week at Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio and also in other places in Jakarta such as NOWHere, Rogers, Rumah Yoga and some other places.

Surprise yourself with his skillful hands-on adjustments and if you are lucky, some essential oil treat.

So Yummy, anyone?

by Captorus Photo