Competence . Care . Service - it's about our students

Our Teachers are carefully selected. They are trained & certified in what they teach.

Our teachers are a mix of sought after teachers & high potential young teachers.

A good teacher is a good student - humility, curiousity & commitment are our codes. 

Anjasmara Prasetya, Head of Faculty, ERYT200/RYT500

Anjas found his way to yoga 10 years ago as he deepened his meditation practice. He searched through books and video and developed his own self-practice. Anjas then met Deera Dewi in 2012 from whom he studied with before finally completing his 200Hr YTT with LearnYoga@GG and Noah Maze. He is an RYT200 with Yoga Alliance and is working on his advanced 300YTT with Yogamaze.

For Anjas, Yoga is a way of knowing, learning and building an integrated body, mind and soul where we can find the Teacher within. Most of all, Yoga has taught him about acceptance, understanding and love.

His style is fun, challenging and engaging. His signature c ...

Deera Dewi, ERYT 200/RYT 500

Deera has been active in sports such as athletics, aerobics, and martial arts since her childhood. Her interests in psychology, spirituality, reading and interacting with diversed cultures led her to German literature and before she finally found love in Yoga.

Deera is an ERYT 200/RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She finds passion in teaching yoga and constantly learns and applies what she learns to her teaching and practice. After learning a diverse range of yoga style, she finds home in Hatha Yoga. Her main teachers now are Noah Maze and Christina Sell.

Deera's classes are characterized by clear and systematic body preparation ...

Arif Sentosa

Arif Sentosa – known affectionately by his students as Mas Arif has been teaching since 1997. Mas Arif has explored diversed styles of yoga from Gita in Australia, Universal Yoga, Radiantly Alive which accumulated him 800 hours of Teachers Training. His ever quest to continusly learning brought him to complete Jivamukti 300Hr YTT in India, in February 2015.

Mas Arif began teaching public classes in 1998. He finally decided to stop working full-time in 2010 and became a full time yoga teacher following what he loves most – to teach, share and learn yoga.

When asked who is his teacher or his yoga lineage, humbly Mas Arif share ...

Fiska Satiri, ERYT 200/RYT 500

Fiska’s personality is fun, loving and friendly. She was a dancer and just completed her aerobic teacher training when first took her first yoga classes. She was in awe with the fluidity and strengths demonstrated by people whom she practiced with. She is also found more freedom and beauty offered by Yoga.

Her yoga journey brought her to meet with her mentor until today, Deera Dewi, from whom she learned about body awareness and alignment. Since then she gained strengths and awareness in her practice, which informs her teaching.

Fiska learns diverse styles of yoga from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga with Bryan Kest, Hatha with P ...

Rudolf Parma, ERYT 200 / RYT 500

Rudolf Parma is a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) 200 (RYT) 500 with Yoga Alliance and is currently working towards completing 300Hr with Yogamaze. He has taught yoga mostly in private settings. He is quite choosy of what and how he teaches Yoga. He is caring, meticulous and thoughtful in teaching a class.

Rudolf’s thought is aligned with the dream that our Yoga Studio has: pro-viding access to yoga to everybody. Here is hi thought.“Beginnings lay crucial foundations that will shape further growth. This is very true in Yoga Asanas.

Yoga poses done forcefully to achieve a shape, can lead to stress, inefficiency and even injuri ...

Rere Soraya RYT 200

Rere is a graduate from Yogamaze/LearnYoga@GG RYS200 in 2014, As a housewive who takes care need for her children, Rere enjoys physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Rere was surpised to find Yoga practice as challenging and produces lots of sweat, unlike how it came across at first as a stretching 'exercise" . Her curioisity brought her to attend a Yoga Teachers Training - and completed in October 2014.

Prior to joining GG Faculty team, Rere taught regular and private yoga classes. Her sweet, humble teaching is coupled with her commitment to teach yoga at various places has built students' interests and enthusiasm to be her students.

Rina Almanda

Rina Almanda is a graduate from Yogamaze/LearnYoga@GG RYS200 in June 2015, She was also a group leader and prior to becoming GG Faculty, RIna led the games part of Red & White Yoga activities for August 17, 2015 special event at GG and assistant at AXA Mandiri 'Ayo Sehat Indonesia' by GG Faculty in Bali.


Rina discovered yoga when recovering from a kee injury from a marathon race. Experiencing yoga as something challenged her physically and gave her a sense of peace, she got hooked with Yoga and went on studying it more.
Yoga inspired her to live each moment joyfully and mindfully. Rina has taught two public ...

Mona Jahja, ERYT200/RYT500

Mona Jahja fell in love with Yoga after a teacher helped her to connect herself with her body through breath. Since then, through her curiosity she has developed a steady and constant study and practice of yoga. Her passion for yoga lies in the areas of asana research, intelligent sequencing, facilitating continuous learning and exploring the mystical ways that yoga can enrich life. She is grateful to her first teachers: Jo Ichihara and Deera Dewi. She credits her growth to many hours of study with Noah Mazé, as well as with other teachers and through participating in online programs.

Her mission is to bring yoga to more people in Indonesia through organizing pr ...